Sowing and Reaping at Verbinden

12-Jan-2018 11:06 AM Verbinden Communication

You reap what you sow when building a business.
This saying goes true for Verbinden Communication. While venturing into the startup business, a little intuition, a pinch of good luck, and a great deal of consistent planning went into getting the solid groundwork right for Verbinden.

It is human for us to want quick results for anything we do, but sowing the seeds for a business doesn’t exactly come with a specific germination timing.  While we did not see immediate gratifications or gains from our actions, we firmly believed that sometime in the future, the totality of our words and actions would amount to something.

We mainly focused on our product and our people. Our people included our employees, our clients, vendors — all of whom deserved seeds of goodwill, care, reliability, and trust. We sure did reap their loyalty and appreciation in return! Our products had excellence and longevity sewn into them. This action reaped good reputation!

Once we planted the seeds, we took time to nurture them. And planted some more. And then some more. The fruits of our harvest took time to yield, sometimes days, sometimes months and sometimes even years while we waited for yields to convert into business.

Remember, while you are anchored on a brilliant idea and a thousand ways to bring it to fruition, take a minute to pause and validate your idea. With proper planning, you have a better chance of ensuring that your seed grows and blossoms into a venture that could change your customers’ lives and garner financial success for your organization.

Also, don’t forget to have a foundational value -- sow to your community. Sow time, money and energy to give back. You will reap a better community, a deep sense of satisfaction and better partnerships in the long run.

We, at Verbinden harvest innovative ideas and creative strategies to yield new leads. We harvest trust in our employees to yield productive results. And most importantly, we harvest patience, to yield fruitful results and happy customers.

On this auspicious occasion of Makara Sankranti, we wish you new heights of success and radiance of prosperity in everything you do!