Speaker Engage: From Chaos to Flawless Execution

22-May-2020 12:48 PM Virtual Events

Mass gatherings are off the table for a while now. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on hold. Well, what doesn’t kill you, right?

If you’re in the event industry – where mass gatherings are the norm – you might have already considered switching to virtual events for the foreseeable future. No matter. What we have to tell you actually doesn’t see the difference between physical and virtual.

Running on the idea of all-in-one-place, Speaker Engage is an ideal tool to manage events flawlessly. It is a fully-integrated, cloud-based platform where you can curate your speaker, sponsor, and community information. The platform makes the job of managing and executing events easier through centralized content management and automated workflow.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Real-Time Dashboard

Unless you’re an event giant in the industry, speaker and sponsor curation can be tough tasks. Finding the right speaker for the right event can quite easily turn into a nightmare.

There are entire dashboards dedicated to giving you at-a-glance information about speaker and sponsor management. Here you can also review speaker allocation based on their roles. The list of recently sent and scheduled emails gives you a bird’s eye view into your own activities.

From the speaker dashboard, you can find out the status of your speakers, whether they’re approved, or whether they have declined and also the ones in the contract. The sponsor dashboard gives you the status of sponsors – secured, not ready, and those in the pipeline.

Event Management

The account home dashboard allows you to create and access an event to add speakers, sponsors, and other contacts. Other than the obvious, the Speaker Engage platform also lets you add a professional touch to your email templates using custom banners, so that all email correspondence that goes out in relation to a specific event looks uniform and professional.

Customizable replies, thank you notes, and confirmation messages make your life as an event organizer a much simpler one.

The repository of concluded events in the past ensures that you can borrow a lot of information from them for ease and efficiency. You can import relevant data from past events on to your current ones, saving your time while creating new events.

Influencer Scores and Diversity Rates

What better way to select speakers than by how influential they are? Speaker Engage’s very own speaker influencer score is developed precisely for this. The score is calculated by taking into account their social media followers and the frequency and engagement rate of the content they share among other things. The speaker influencer score helps event organizers make accurate decisions on their speaker selection.

The ‘Approved Speaker’ feature in the speaker dashboard also gives a unique insight into the aspect of diversity and inclusion.

There’s More to Speaker Engage

What we covered are only a handful of the unique features Speaker Engage offers. There are so many other features the platform offers that will make event management a walk in the park. Seamless and effortless communication, assured data security, and centralized content management forms the backbone of this platform.

So the next time you take up the challenging task of event management, physical or virtual, remember where to turn to. Because Speaker Engage has got it all.