Starting with Facebook Ads? Take These Baby Steps

09-Jan-2020 11:42 AM Social Media Marketing

If Facebook was a country, it would be the largest with more than 2.4 billion active monthly users. It will stay at the top until something else comes and knocks it off its feet. As of now, Facebook is going strong and it means you can still make the best use of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is easy. They offer immense customization and creative control over your ads. Another interesting fact is that it is connected to Instagram Ads also. Businesses can run a single campaign on both platforms. The cost of ads is also more affordable than other social media networks; almost as competitive as Google Adwords.

People on social media live in a 140-character world. Despite Facebook algorithms not supporting images, the platform is still popular. Images are shared more than text. Which means images matter more than your copy. Images make up most of Facebook Ads.

Create an Objective and Develop a Strategy

It is important to choose an objective before writing your ad. Facebook will help you optimize ad placements based on the objective. It may lower cost-per-click and improve results. Some of the objectives you can choose are:

  • Traffic
  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Video views
  • App installs
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store visits

Select one that aligns with the underlying goals. If you are running a video campaign designed to sell, choose the ‘Conversions’ option instead of ‘Video Views’. You do want views, but not at the expense of conversions.

Before setting up your ad, have a strategy. Without a strategy, you are bound to be confused with the number of options there are. Having a strategy will help you create a strong ad. Things you need to know are:

  • What are the products you are selling?
  • Who are you targeting (audience)?
  • How will your product help them?
  • What is the goal of your campaign?
  • Are you advertising to get leads, brand awareness, site traffic, sales, or anything else?
  • What stage of the sales funnel are you focusing on?

Now, go to Facebook Ads and create the ad. But before that, you must write the copy. The key is targeting. The Facebook platform has the best targeting and you are advised every step of the way to reach your audience.

Types of Facebook Ads

The two types of Facebook Ads used by marketers are:

1. Sponsored posts: These posts appear on your newsfeed. You may see it as you are scrolling. Below is an example of one.

2. The right-hand column ad: It appears in the right column of the Facebook feed. They are smaller than the Sponsored posts, but they cannot be ignored as it does not scroll.

Both the Sponsored posts and the right-hand column ad will have a small copy which we will focus on.

Creating a Facebook Copy

A good Facebook advertisement copy eliminates excess information. It will excite, entertain, and persuade.

Keep it short and easy to understand

Just because you are paying for your ad, you cannot cram it with information that your audience does not need. Keep your copy short, and lead with value. Novelist Karan Bajaj gives three components to writing an ad. They are:

  1. Benefit/Claim
  2. Proof
  3. Call-to-action

How will someone benefit by using your product or what will your product achieve for your customer? These are what you should focus on in a clear and concise manner.

Benefit/claim: One glance at the ad, and you see that many people are saying that the book changed their lives. The author went with that claim while advertising.

Proof: Credibility is important and it will come from what people say and not from what you say. The author has several proof points. They are Amazon Top reviewer, 100+ 5 star reviews, #1 Indian bestseller, etc. These give credibility to his claim.

Call-to-action: This creates an urgency to click. It can stop you from scrolling down the newsfeed. Amazon’s “35% discount today” will inspire people to click on the ad. The publisher and Amazon set the price and the discount. So the author went with it.

Before the author created this ad, he tried many things including the one below.

Keep the language simple and cut the excess messaging. Write an ad that is easy to understand.

Optimizing the ads

Writing the ad is the first part of creating an effective ad. For it to succeed, keep these points in mind while creating the ad.

  1. Facebook has a lot of information fighting for attention. To make it stand out, use a high-quality image to draw attention. Keep away from blue and white as much as you can because they are Facebook’s brand colors.
  2. It has been proven that images with pets, children, and happy people create more conversions. You can also add text to your images. It may show your messaging, the offer, or the call to action. 
  3. Once your image has caught the users’ eyes, they will focus on the text. Since you must catch attention with only 25 characters for headlines and 90 characters for description, you must make it catchy, by keeping it short and clear.
  4. If you are selling something, you can show the value of your product and put it in the call to action. It will convince people to click on the ad. Stir people’s emotions in a few words but stick to the truth. Keep away from clichés like ‘best solution’, ‘top school’, etc.
  5. Many businesses often miss valuable leads and traffic when their Facebook ad redirects them to a broken link. Always test out your ads before running it. If you do not already have a landing page, you must have one.

At the end of the day, when someone sees your ad, they must know what is on offer, what is the benefit, and what to do next. If you keep your messaging clear, you have a chance to turn prospects into customers. At Verbinden, we have professionals who have helped companies optimize messaging in Facebook Ads. Let us help you today. Contact us now.