The Beginner's Guide to Advertising on LinkedIn

31-Jan-2020 03:34 PM Digital Marketing

With many businesses drawn towards Google Ads or Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads cannot possibly become the first preference for most brands' pay-per-click campaigns. It is a fact that Google Ads and Facebook Ads have larger audiences and mass appeal. But there are certain exceptional benefits that LinkedIn Ads has, which will help brands achieve their specific business goals.

It is rumored that LinkedIn may become the most critical, most wanted advertising player in 2020. Even though it has been offering advertising services for years now, LinkedIn nailed down the craft of being an ad service provider and a social media network only recently.

LinkedIn has revamped its advertising platform, Campaign Manager, and added some new tools to the LinkedIn marketer toolbox. Along with the sharper targeting options, they made the switch to objective-based advertising. This will allow advertisers to now run campaigns with clearly defined goals and targets.

Now, LinkedIn Ads can be of great help for your business to reach out to an influential, professional audience. LinkedIn members are not only prominent but also have two times the buying power of the average web crowd.

What is Unique?

LinkedIn's B2B targeting options set the platform apart from other social media advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Since all the professional audiences are on LinkedIn, B2B marketers gather there. LinkedIn's new additions and the objective-based advertising come into play here as the B2B marketers can target and connect with those specific professionals.

Ultimately, you can focus and reach out to any industry or firm!

LinkedIn has become the first option for advertising for many business owners because of the B2B opportunity provided by the platform. However, the cost of advertising on LinkedIn will be higher than Facebook or Google.

What are the LinkedIn Advertising Options Available?

As mentioned earlier, you can now create advertisements on LinkedIn based on your targets and goals. Yes, it would help if you had a concrete understanding of your objectives before you advertise on the platform.

Even though that is the case, your goals must be one of the following to advertise successfully on LinkedIn: Lead generation

> Lead generation
> Job applicants
> Website visit
> Brand awareness
> Video views
> Website conversions
> Engagement

You will be offered some ad types once you choose one of these goals. You may select the appropriate ad type that will help you accomplish your target.

Sponsored Content

You can promote your post with a small fee from your company page that appears in the LinkedIn feed. These ads (or posts) will look just like a regular post, except for a CTA button and a ‘promoted’ label.

The three different formats of sponsored content available are single image, video, and carousel. Switching between these three options every now and then allows you to compare them and select which one is the best option for your audience.

These ads have the highest CPC on average, and so, you should proceed carefully in order to leverage the maximum out of it.

Sponsored InMail

Also known as Message Ads, Sponsored InMail delivers your ads straight to your target audience’s inbox as messages. These messages are more direct and personalized, which allows you to drive more leads and engage your target audience much effectively.

Sponsored InMail messages that are purchased on a cost-per-send basis, consists of a custom greeting, CTA button, body text, and ability to add a link to the message body. When done correctly, this can convert higher than any of the other LinkedIn options.

LinkedIn Text Ads

These tiny little ads appear on the right-side rail of a LinkedIn feed. Other than the right column, these ads may appear underneath the ‘People You May Know’ section. This is where text content can really make or break your ad conversions.

It's important to note that these ads only run on the desktop. You can either use a cost per click model or a cost per thousand impressions model.

Text ads include a small image along with a short headline and blurb. They may be less prominent than Sponsored Content but can still be very useful depending on your campaign goal.

Dynamic Ads

You can engage your users with these dynamically generated, personalized ads. Dynamic ads work more like a text ad; the only difference is, dynamic ads are more personalized. They will address the user by name and include their profile photo.

Company spotlight ads, follower ads, content ads, and job ads are some examples of dynamic ads on LinkedIn. You can drive your users to like your company page or apply for a job. Lead generation can be made instantly and the content can be downloaded directly from the ad itself. This ad type also has set templates and auto-translation options to make personalizing the ad creative easy for you.

How to Target Your Audience?

LinkedIn offers a large number of options to target particular users. The more specific your target market is, the more you can tailor your messaging to them. This will help you achieve a higher conversion rate since the ads you send them are very much relevant for those who see them.

You can target your LinkedIn ads by:

> Company name, industry, and size
> Gender and age
> Location
> Member groups
> Job title, function, and seniority
> School, fields of study, and degrees
> Years of experience
> Company connections and followers

You don't have to use all of these options. But still, detailed LinkedIn ad targeting will lead you to more relevant ads and a higher ROI. You can save your ad targeting criteria once you establish it for future campaigns. LinkedIn also provides an option to expand your audience to include people similar to your target audience.

It is important to note that you can target a whole lot more than just CEOs with advertising on LinkedIn. Even if the users are those who are looking for jobs or are in lower-level positions with less experience, you can target them as they are perfect targeting options for LinkedIn Ads.


LinkedIn has a compelling advertising platform. And the ad campaigns on LinkedIn can be a huge factor in a company's marketing success if you play with the right amount of patience and strategy. It is powerful enough to bring in thousands of new leads and sales.

Understand your business objectives. Know exactly who your target customer is. Now choose an ad format, select your audience, and dive in.

The ultimate purpose of your Ad campaign is to make the user understand the offer by delivering the message clearly. Our professionals at Verbinden are experts at optimizing messages in LinkedIn Ads. Contact us to get help today.