The Best Lead Generation Models For Your Business

10-May-2016 12:52 PM Lead Generation

A good lead generation model can help your business to drive profitability and success . Once you identify which lead generation model is appropriate for you, you can work on it towards your business goal. Listed below are some of the successful lead generation models out there. Take a look...

1. Review sites

Review sites are a good lead generation model to follow since they target a specific vertical or niche, and assess companies that fall under them. Review sites generate revenue by forming connections with affiliate partners within their respective niche, and convert visitors into leads by convincing them to visit partner sites and sign up.

2. Landing pages

A landing page is a single web page that appears when someone clicks on a search engine optimized word or an online advertisement. The landing page normally displays a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Landing pages generate income by accruing massive volumes of emails (or leads) and selling them to relevant buyers. Most landing pages have a main message with a form. Users will fill the form and the site owner then sells that information to the highest bidders. This lead generation model is perfect for businesses trying to generate leads quickly.

3. Online tools

The online tool lead generation model relies heavily on an online tool that generates leads. These tools often offer high utility and can generate a lot of buzz. is a great example of a free online tool that generates enormous amounts of leads.
Online tools mostly make money by offering limited access or free trials for their services. Once the trial period is over and the user has exhausted his free quota, he needs to register or pay for the full service. Online tools also generate revenue by including affiliate offers on their site without actually aggregating any personal data.

4. Resource sites

Resource sites take an educational perspective to generate leads. These sites provide a plethora of resources, educational tools, and content to visitors. Hence, they offer a variety of ways for you to make money. One good way is to offer paid courses. Users can sign up for the educational course of their choice and pay for them. Another way is to aggregate leads through website logins and sign ups and sell those leads to relevant affiliate partners.

Lead generation is a simple yet tedious and time consuming process. Follow the right strategy and the correct lead generation model based on your target customers to be successful.