The Best of Content Marketing: Here’s How They Did It

09-Dec-2019 05:06 PM Content Marketing

“Is my content marketing campaign running out of steam?”

“Why am I not able to generate new leads with my content?”

“Are my users engaging with the content I create?” 

If you’re involved at any stage of the content marketing exercise, then you’ve surely asked yourself at least one of the above questions at one point or another. After spending hours researching your niche, you produce content that you feel offers the best value to your consumers. But here’s the deal: not even consumers know what they want. 

It’s impossible to predict and model consumer behavior, especially in the age of short-lived social media trends. By the time you create content to piggyback on to a viral trend, chances are that the internet has moved on. Even if you time it right, your content is just going to be buried in the rubble of the mass internet frenzy. Everyone and their mothers are keeping an eye on trends and will capitalize as soon as the opportunity presents — which is every hour or so it seems.

Which is why we need to create content whose value is not transient.

It can be frustrating to not have your brand voice be heard. 

It’s time to think out of the box. We will take a look at some content marketing examples that got everything just right. As a result, their campaigns were hugely successful and have inspired other marketers. 

  1. Nerd Wallet

For content marketing to have any sort of impact, the content you put out must be evergreen, i.e., content that is so valuable that people will frequently check back. And one of the most searched for niches online is personal finance. Let’s face it, very few among us can claim to be any good with managing money. And it’s keeping this in mind that Nerd Wallet came up with an online video series called Money Talks. 

From restructuring debt to managing your salary and setting up savings for your future, the web series explains these complicated topics in a very approachable manner. 

Most of us think we know how to handle finances, but at the end of the month, we are left staring at an almost empty bank account. 

The production value of the Money Talks crash course is also very high. If you’re going all out on creating content then it’s important that you don’t cut any corners. 

A user who lands on this page is sure to be impressed and will no doubt sign up for their services.

2. Headspace

It seems that no “best of” list is complete without Headspace. From social media campaigns to regularly publishing articles, they’ve got everything right. Then again, Headspace caters to a very in-demand niche — mindfulness meditation. 

If anything, the website is a testament to why you should hire top-notch designers for your company. Each article comes with its own thematic, emotionally-provoking art. 

Headspace’s articles focus on everyday problems faced by all of us. Easily distracted? Struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution? Headspace has tips for everything. 

The USP, of course, is the calm and pleasing aesthetic that permeates the website. Content is no good if it’s not housed in an amazing place. It’s hard for visitors to not spend at least a few seconds admiring the overall design before reading the articles.

The message here is simple. Help people live a healthier, happier life and delight them along the way. Throughout the website, there is not a single stock image in use. They use their branded art to spread their message. And this is a strategy your brand can use too. If you consistently use a style of art/design along with your brand, pretty soon people begin to associate your brand with that style.

  1. Zillow Porchlight & Sephora

Another brand that does content marketing right by providing immense value to its visitors is Zillow. Through their Porchlight blog, the American online real estate company educates visitors on a wide range of real estate related topics. 

The blog is bookmarked in every real estate investor’s browser. They cover useful topics like, “5 Easy Improvements to Get Your Home Guest-Ready for the Holidays”, “How to Actually Afford to Buy a Home in America”, and “Buying a Home? Plan for These Hidden Costs.”

Another thing Porchlight does right is inviting guest writers to contribute to their blog. Usually, these guest writers are industry experts who have a good idea of market trends and are looking for some publicity in return, which Zillow provides them with. 

Makeup brand Sephora is also keen on providing value to its customers in addition to selling makeup products. Sephora’s YouTube channel is frequently updated with makeup tutorials and How-Tos to teach their customers how to best use products. 

  1. AirBnB

Trailblazing pioneers like AirBnB got to where they are through the power of robust marketing. So when they start a campaign, it helps to sit up and listen. 

Everyone wants to travel the world, preferably cheap and without getting robbed by greedy local businesses. But unless you’re a local, you wouldn’t know which places to avoid and where to go. Playing off of this issue faced by globetrotters everywhere, AirBnB publishes its guidebooks as an all-encompassing “Things To Do” style guide. 

Any traveler looking to book a space on AirBnB is no doubt looking to learn more about their destination as well. It makes sense to provide it to them on the website itself rather than having the visitor search elsewhere for the content. 

Here, AirBnB has managed to lock-in their visitors to their own ecosystem by creating content that complements their primary business. This is something most brands are only now catching up to. 

In essence, you need to provide value without asking for too much in return. It’s ok to ask for their email ids, but anything more like a subscription is bound to bounce visitors off your website. 

  1. Save The Food

The Save The Food initiative started to minimize food waste in America has created a website with the sole purpose of educating visitors on food wastage. While they are not explicitly trying to sell any products, their content marketing efforts deserve kudos for the creative way in which they’ve set out to achieve this.

The website is jam-packed with resources and tools to help the average consumer understand just how much food is wasted every day and how to minimize this amount. 

The Guest-imator tool allows you to calculate how much food you need to prepare to keep your guests “happy and healthy.” 

Such tools and quizzes are a fantastic way to keep visitors engaged while on your website. 

The website also has infographics which every content marketer knows has tremendous social media shareability value. 

To put it mildly, no content marketing strategy will take off unless you make a genuine attempt to give your customers some kind of value. And this, preferably, has to be with no strings attached. 

If you’re wondering how to set up a content marketing campaign that resonates with your brand while creating value to your customers, reach out to Verbinden today.