The Power of Podcasting

11-Aug-2016 02:34 PM Digital Marketing

A few years ago, podcasts seemed to be a dying trend that no one really bothered about. But the same cannot be said about podcasts today. Distributing audio or video files has now taken hold over the Internet. These days, people are including podcasts to blogs and websites too. They can be listened to in a car, in an airport, in the park or wherever it's convenient for the listener.

Marketers are placing bets on podcasting today! If you've doubted the power of podcasting as a public relations and marketing tool, take note of these 5 reasons why you should start podcasting to grow your business: 

Puts a Voice to Your Business 

Your company having a voice in the marketplace is very important, when you're starting out. You'll want to give everyone who supports you a look into your business, enabling them to come along with you in your daily hustle for success. What's another even more interesting aspect of it all is the access you open yourself up to. Every business wants to stand out amongst the rest and podcasting helps you voice out your stand.

Helps Educate and Build Rapport 

Podcasting will not only cut back your usual customer meetings to the bare essentials, but it will start to build rapport and trust with clients before they even meet you in person. In the end, if you take the time out to put together thoughtful, informative content to put out to the masses, they will come. 

Brings Increased Web Traffic 

Podcasting can help you reach new audiences and drive traffic better than almost anything else. It is a great way of distributing your expertise, but you need to be consistent and promote it. When you first start off, it will seem like you're talking into a black hole and no one is listening to you. But if you stay persistent and promote your podcast on social media, your audience will grow and your future episodes will gain more and more listeners. 

Develops Influential Relationships 

Podcasts have a way of building relationships without the two parties ever actually interacting. It may be a one-sided medium, but the feeling you get after hours of listening to a person talk is one of friendship. This connection will help bring customers closer, and as a result, you will be able to better understand what they need, so that you can develop products that matter to them. Also as a podcaster, you get an opportunity to dive into the business strategies of some of the smartest influencers in the country and learn directly from them. 

Effective and Engaging 

A podcast is a more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. Listeners don't seem to mind the commercial breaks in between podcasts and are usually influenced by the messaging they're hearing. Hearing the voice of the presenter gives the audience a stronger connection than simply reading the information on a web page. If you broadcast regular podcasts, the listeners become familiar with your voice and presentation style. This familiarity keeps them coming back and keeps your company in their minds. 

Podcasting is an effective marketing weapon in your arsenal and can be a lot of fun. Have you tried podcasting for your business? It can turn into a huge content marketing opportunity!