Why Should You Update your Blog with Fresh Content Regularly?

10-Oct-2018 02:53 PM Content Marketing

Did you think that over a period your blog loses its value? On the contrary, it is more beneficial to use your old content to drive more traffic than writing fresh content. As part of your content management system or strategy, you should take another look at your repository of content to reuse. You will be infusing new life into old content and simultaneously increasing your page views at an amazing pace.

Remember that readers tend to get bored easily and are always looking for unique content that makes interesting reading. Apart from being a great strategy to increase Google ranking, you’ll be keeping your existing readers happy and adding more to the list. Here are some more benefits of updating your old blog content:

Increased Traffic

When you reuse your old blog, you can spruce it up by incorporating the latest SEO content strategy by infusing fresh website content ideas. This is bound to increase web traffic as you’ll be using up-to-date information as far as SEO is concerned, and Google’s spiders are just going to love your content. What’s more is that you can monetize your site by having affiliates sign up and by the numerous ads other businesses are willing to give on a website that has good traffic. 

Impact of Google’s Freshness Factor

It is natural for people to get bored with the same old content. Infusing fresh content or repurposing your old content takes care of Google’s Freshness algorithm. This new algorithm of Google cannot be ignored by any content management system as the algorithm helps beat old, stale content with fresh, new content. Google is what it is today because it gives importance to best search results and relevant content that features quality SEO.

Better Rankings

Fresh content updated in your website has a profound effect in search rankings, in other words, you can get better Google ranking. Even if half the number of blogs in your website carry old content with the other half being fresh content, the old content is bound to have a negative effect on the search rankings. To prevent such a situation, you need to revamp your website by replacing all the old content with fresh content.

Users are Happy

The most important reason why your website is performing well is because of the loyal users, who come back expecting quality content. Giving fresh content that is highly informative sends across the message that you care for your readers and are willing to take efforts to give them what they expect. Users are the life breath of any website and keeping them happy is of paramount importance. 

To sum it all up, simply cramming your website with content never does the trick. Apart from being relevant, fresh content is what makes a site lively and attractive. To keep your site going and to increase traffic, updating content needs to be a regular practice.