How hyperautomation companies can harness the power of video

08-Dec-2020 11:11 AM Content Marketing

In his seminal article, ‘What is strategy?’, Michael Porter says operational effectiveness though necessary for superior performance, is not enough because the techniques can be easily replicated. But ‘strategy’ can get you where you want to go because it stems from a unique, valuable position, rooted in activities others can’t easily copy. 

Hyperautomation companies work in a hypercompetitive world, where they have to constantly question their competitive advantage. However, they often struggle with explaining what it is they exactly do. And it is not entirely their fault. They are not only doing hyperspecialized work, their work ecosystem is so niche it is not always easy to break it down into simple ideas for laymen.  

Writing long technical blogs is a complicated way to explain concepts and it is possible that prospects don’t fully understand what you are explaining. It is here that video marketing can make a huge difference by allowing you to connect with and educate people on a more personal level. Let's see what are the different types of videos you can create. 

Brand videos for hyperautomation products 

In brand videos, you discuss your origins, company values, mission, and products, giving this information a personal touch. Forbes says, your audience will retain 95% of your message if you transmit it in the form of a video, compared with just 10% if you write it as a text.  

Considering this, a brand video is just what you need if you are trying to tell people about your company. Usually, a brand video is part of a larger branding campaign. Digital marketing agencies can help you with the assets that go into a smashing brand video that not only builds awareness about your company, but also intrigues and attracts your audience. 

Demo videos for hyperautomation products 

A demo video illustrates how a product or service works by showing it in action. Every demo video must have some common elements, like a description of your hyperautomation product, identification of a problem, a solution, and finally how your product can solve the problem. Most demo videos also end with a call-to action. But demo videos are notoriously hard to create and you will need a team. If you don’t have one, consider engaging a digital marketing agency to help you create demo videos. 

Expert interviews for hyperautomation products 

Another way to build authority and earn the trust of your audiences is by crafting expert interviews, either with your internal experts or industry thought leaders. You can even get influencers to speak about your industry or your product. But it involves a lot of planning.  

For example, what software and hardware are you going to use? What questions are you going to ask? What if the interview goes in a direction you didn’t plan? What will you do with the data you have collected? A digital marketing agency can help you set up expert interviews, and take care of all the marketing collateral needed to make it successful.
How hyperautomation companies can harness the power of video, Verbinden 

Event videos for hyperautomation products 

Events include public meetings, field days, workshops, flagship events, and more. Events give companies an opportunity to connect with audiences on a more intimate level, with a chance to leave a longer lasting impression compared to a passive video. 

But hosting events involves a lot of work. You have to send out invites, create marketing collaterals to promote the event, connect with speakers, set up registrations, and more. If this is not your cup of tea, you can always engage a digital marketing agency who know how to conduct events. 

How-to-videos for hyperautomation products 

It is often said, people buy from those whom they trust. How-to videos can be a vital step in the trust building process. You can use how-to videos or instructional videos to inform your audience about a new feature in your product. How-to-videos can also be used to create deep dives into a product’s features and capabilities.  

It is quite common to find digital marketing agencies working with a company’s internal sales and marketing team to build clear and concise how-to videos on a variety of themes. 

Animated videos for hyperautomation products 

Hyperautomation is an exciting but less understood concept and there is still a lot to be done to bring awareness to this great product. It can help if the message is simple and easy to understand. Animation videos are a great way to simplify hard-to-grasp concepts or abstract topics, where you need strong visuals to put the message across.  

Don’t forget, internet users have short attention spans. Digital marketing agencies can help hyperautomation companies to create animation videos to help their audiences connect to products and services on a more emotional level. 

Customer testimonial videos for hyperautomation products 

One asset that companies don’t capitalize on enough is customer testimonials. Bringing customer testimonials in front of your audience is an excellent way to build trust. Potential customers want to know how you can solve a particular problem. Who best to speak about how you can solve that problem than existing satisfied customers? 

Digital marketing agencies can help you pick a customer pain point and create a case study video around it, with inputs from satisfied customers who have benefitted from your hyperautomation product. 

Live videos for hyperautomation products 

If you are looking to deliver content in an innovative fashion, consider live streaming. It has not only flipped the content marketing industry on its head, it is one of the best ways to deliver video content. 

It was found that audiences stream live videos 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand videos. In a world of short attention spans, this is too attractive a proposition to neglect. Live stream videos such as events, interviews, and presentations also give audiences a chance to involve themselves in the session with questions and comments. Digital marketing agencies can help you set up live videos and also reach out to the audiences that would like to watch them. 

Personalized messages for hyperautomation products 

Gartner once predicted that companies excelling in personalization are going to outsell companies that don’t. COVID has also caused a drastic change in how companies and audiences interact with each other. But people are still looking for that personal touch they used to receive from in-person communications. 

Personalizing your videos can help you create unique customer experiences that will eventually lead to better conversions. It is a good way to respond to a customer query or continue a conversation. In this, digital marketing agencies can help you surprise your audiences by crafting beautiful personalized videos that will enhance trust in your hyperautomation company. 


Video marketing can help you connect with the right audiences, educate them about your product, and convert them into staying customers. It can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, in a very competitive world where grabbing eye-balls is becoming difficult day by day. 

And digital marketing companies can help you go that extra distance, even as your videos educate and entertain your audiences. Don’t forget what Seth Godin said. ‘People are not buying products and services. They are buying stories, relations, and magic!’.