Videos Speak a Thousand Words Per Second

16-Dec-2019 05:34 PM Digital Marketing

With the internet expanding its reach every minute of every day, social media is blowing up with content, and algorithms are getting tougher to crack. Videos are a foolproof way of getting through and ranking higher. 

What do you do when you’re stuck in traffic? Or when you’re bored reading a book you’re so desperately trying to finish? 

You pick up your phone and start scrolling. Be it Instagram, Facebook or Reddit. You read through memes, gifs, and pics in a matter of seconds. 

Digital Marketing is made better with videos

Nobody has time to read these days. Content is churned out in visual formats more and more. Your attention span is getting shorter every day, thanks to your ‘smart’ phones. This makes you crave for diverse content every other second. 

In this noise, how does a marketer sway someone’s decision? Enough for someone to take action. Be it a like, share or subscription to your service.  


Video content is booming on social media, and it’s not without reason. And here’s a few reasons why you should jump aboard the video trend if you’re not on it already.  


Marketing is always about willing and pushing people to take action. But, this isn’t done in just one shot. Whole campaigns are created to push the audience towards either purchase or availing of their services. And to do this, they need to get in touch with their audience. Writing pages of content is no longer an option. That’s where videos come in. 

Any amount of written content can be scrunched into a video of 2-3 minutes. Maybe even lesser. The time taken to read a whole page would depend upon the reading speed of an individual, but when you make it into a video, you control the time it takes to be consumed. 

video communicates emotiones better than any format

So when the content is in a video format, not only is it easier for the individual to consume but easier for them to recall. Remember, a picture speaks a thousand words, so a video with 30 frames a second would be speaking more than a few thousand stories. 


If you notice most ads, you see how they sell emotions over their products. Let’s take Maggi or Amul for example. They convince you on how much happier you’d be with their products. When it comes to Raymond, they convince their audience of how a man cannot be complete unless he’s wearing Raymond. 

So video ads not only show a real-life application of your product or service, but they also try to establish a relationship with their audience by relating their products, or rather brands, with emotions. 

videos | facebook | instagram

And these emotions make a consumer buy even if they don’t need it.


In February 2017, Mark Zuckerberg said, “I see video as a megatrend.” 

Rather than trying to convince people with just plain logic or statements from Zuckerberg, it is better to give them numbers. So, while advocating for more videos on your social media, below are a few numbers you can use to convince your team.

videos on facebook

Sponsored video content views on Facebook have jumped 258% since 2016. YouTube users share 400 hours of new video a minute. On Instagram, 65% of ad impressions are video advertisements. 

Keeping in mind cost-effectiveness, 86% of brands claim that videos have helped them boost brand awareness and online presence. 83% of marketers say videos give them a good ROI, and video advertisements increase purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%.


Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now favor video posts over any other format. LinkedIn doesn’t discriminate, though. 

Google loves videos too. Their algorithms rank videos higher up in people’s searches and feed. Tweets with videos are seeing 10 times more engagement than others. 

Videos are here to stay. Be it for the algorithms or not, they will always have a higher recall value and a deeper emotional connection with their audiences, unless holograms prove to be more effective in the future. 

It is advisable to start structuring your content into video formats. Place more videos in your content calendars, your marketing strategies, and campaigns, and you will see a rise in your engagements.