What 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Can Teach Us About Marketing

17-Nov-2017 12:04 PM Digital Marketing

The Wolf of Wall Street is considered one of the best, yet one of the most controversial movies that Hollywood has to offer. Based on the biography of Jordan Belfort with the same name, the movie’s intriguing story takes everyone on a rollercoaster ride, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s remarkable portrayal as Jordan Belfort serves as an icing on the cake. But, what is the best takeaway from a movie about the life of a stockbroker who knew how to sell things? 

So, without further ado, here are some marketing tips to take from The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Know Your Audience

Why was Jordan Belfort so good at selling things? Because he knew his clients very well. He knew what his clients wanted, and he knew what would interest them. This is also applicable when it comes to marketing —  if you know your audience then consider your work half done. As the saying goes, ‘Marketing is like fishing, if you have the right bait, then you will get the right fish.’ 

Sell Like an Artist

One of the mistakes people make when they get into marketing is that they either oversell or undersell a product. As a result, they end up falling short of their targeted numbers. How can you avoid this? Do it the way Jordan did in the movie. He kept it smooth, simple, and added some of his own charisma to make it look more compelling. This helped him sell literally anything under the sun.   

Persist on Your Pitch

So, what does Jordan do in the movie when he has to sell something? He goes out of his way, pitches aggressively and then persists on that pitch. This is what a lot of newcomers in the field of marketing lack. We all know, in marketing the way you pitch your products is very very important as it is what attracts your audience. However, persisting on that pitch is equally important as it helps you make a more compelling presentation in front of your audience. 

Play Bold

What is the one thing about Jordan’s character that stands out the most? The guy is bold enough to try and do anything to sell his product. That kind of passion will take you places in any industry and in marketing, it will definitely help you achieve your targets. So, when you are out to sell something, go all out. Don’t be afraid to try or do anything and don’t stop until you make it happen. 

Learn How to Present Yourself

Marketing is all about presenting, pitching, and persisting. And before you start with presenting your product, you must know how to present yourself. You can learn this from Jordan, his passion, determination, and charisma are reflected in the way he presents himself. Probably this quote from the movie sums it all up – “They’re gonna have to send in the national guard if they wanna take me down.” 

Well, now you have an idea of what you have to do while marketing. So, go out there and try to sell something. Take inspiration from Jordan Belfort and go all out. Want something to start with? How about you start with … a pen?