Why You Should Adopt Guerrilla Advertising

18-Oct-2017 05:51 PM Digital Marketing

Hundreds of billboards glide past as you peer your drowsy eyes through the bus window. Small, big, dull, bright, but none of these catch your attention. Your brain is hardwired to avoid falling into the consumerist trap. Your brain just refuses to acknowledge these colorful images until one forces it to stop and see and repeat. You look and look at it trying to decipher its meaning, and bang! You have fallen into the much-avoided consumerist trap yet again, all because your brain was tricked into looking and thinking and trying to figure out what the advertisement really meant. Such tricks can only be played by out-of-the-box ads that surprise you out of your sleepy stupor through the urban jungle.

These divergent advertisements are so much like guerrilla warfare that they are called guerrilla advertisements. They wait patiently to pounce on you when you least expect it, thus leading to an explosion of multiple associative emotions. Guerrilla advertisements can pop out of nowhere and anywhere right into your face.   

Guerrilla advertisements work with minimum resources and are self-marketed through word of mouth. After all, you need to spend a million bucks for a nude rap video to go viral. Yes, you read it right. The weirder your content, the better are its chances of going viral thus widening the company's customer database.

Take a look at the following examples to appreciate the intellect behind these impressive ads that arrest the passer-by's attention even at his/her busiest hour.

Image Courtesy: mad-over-marketing.com

The placement of this ad is perfect in terms of its need and demand. All subway customers stink, what with the rush and this poster reminds a traveler to use deodorant to escape the stinky look from the girl in the poster.

You can go wild with the content and medium in terms of guerrilla advertising. Companies use just about anything under the sun to create that perfect spot, and minimalistic content to get their message across to the right people, as in the next image.

Image Courtesy: mad-over-marketing.com

So, the next time you have to come up with a brilliant ad campaign, ditch the conventional tricks and go guerrilla!