Write The Right Content Like a Pro!

17-Dec-2019 11:22 AM Content Marketing

Question – What is the best way to get people to talk about your company, services, and products?
Answer – Content marketing.

Content marketing can also be a great way to engage your customers and even create a community. Whether you are beginning with content marketing or you have been using it for quite some time, you must revisit your content strategy plan on a regular time interval – to confirm it is working fine, innovate and make it stronger. Believe me; you have got more competition than ever.

And, to get the upper hand in the competition, it is also essential to have a reliable and smart content marketing plan in place. But, the most critical aspect of it is nothing but the content itself. You must produce the right content for your content marketing to make it useful and productive.

Content marketing can be effective only when we choose the best topics to write about, which attracts not only the audience's attention but also have a positive impact on the ROI. Here are some great ways to produce the right, effective content:

1. Define your content marketing goals

Seth Godin once said, "You have the freedom to make these choices at the beginning when they are free, fast, and easy. Not later on, when you have made commitments to other people and yourself."

It is true that you can easily get caught up with your content marketing. But everything will simply fail if you don't have a unifying strategy. And, that strategy must be solid all along.

Define your goals clearly from the very beginning. This understanding of the goal will help you make the other important decisions as you develop your content strategy. Always define the ultimate goal and then plan a content marketing strategy that backs smaller wins that ladder up to the more prominent achievement. And this will eventually result in selecting the right content that draws the audience's attention and brings a positive impact on ROI.

2. Understand your audience

You must be ready with your content strategy by now – a winning strategy with a very well-defined goal that will take your business to new heights. And now, you must start creating the content. Not just any content – creative, engaging, and relevant content that gets read.

But who is going to read, watch, or hear the content you create? Compelling content is made out in the open with your audience's involvement and direction, whether you know it or not. The best content marketing strategy must educate and transform your audience. It should answer your target audience's questions.

And so, you must have a thorough understanding of your target audience who will receive this content you are creating. Your content strategy will have more than one type of reader/viewer, just like your business that has more than one type of customer. You can engage everyone in your target audience by using a variety of content types and channels, which will help you deliver different content to different content.

3. Find a less-competitive and engaging topic

It is a known fact that, for maximum impact, experts use long-tail keywords with the least competition instead of small keywords with high competition. Similarly, choosing content marketing topics that not only meet your business goals but also are less competitive can create the maximum impact.

You can also run a content audit where you can produce content in different formats to draw more of the audience's attention. Choosing a content management system can also be useful as it can manage your content and helps you with selecting the best topics for your content marketing strategy.

4. Update your blog and your current content

It is always the right time to re-evaluate your content marketing and shift gears if something is not working well. If you have already been producing content for a while, you must re-evaluate it and bring your content into the style of your new content marketing strategy. And also, if you find your content irrelevant or outdated, you must edit it and republish.

When you re-evaluate your content, keep these in mind: it should be engaging, evergreen (content that is created around your business and can be updated anytime), and content around events. If it doesn't speak to your audience and work towards your goals, then you must update your content.

5. Choose a topic for high performance on different platforms

Healthy, serious discussions take place on different topics on social media platforms. But the topic of conversation will change based on these social networks.

In order to find the right topic for your content marketing strategy, you must compare the performance of different topics on different platforms. And based on that, you may finalize topics/content that will appeal to target audiences on specific networks.

For example, 'Content A' performs well on Facebook, while 'Content B' performs better on Twitter. If you want your content to reach Facebook users, the piece should be framed around 'Content B.' You can also promote your content differently based on topical preferences on each platform.


Keep in mind that your content marketing will be effective only if you have a great plan. It takes time, organization, and creativity to develop a great content marketing strategy. Now that you have learned pretty much everything regarding the planning and execution of killer content for your content marketing plan let's get to it!