Our Take on YourTakeaways

21-May-2020 02:02 PM Digital Marketing

After a speaking engagement, speakers are usually swamped by the audience, some congratulating them, and some requesting e-mail IDs for further communication. A few may want more material from the speaker, ensuring that the speakers will drag along with this cloud of audience following them to their car.

For the speaker, it denies the opportunity to get real feedback from all those who attended. 

Keeping aside the speaker-audience situation, what about when you read a book and it leaves you wanting more? What do you do when you would like to provide the author with feedback and get a few more materials to go through? 

It is almost impossible to get in touch with the authors. The same applies to podcast presenters and webinar hosts. You could send them emails, but the chances of them coming across these emails is highly unlikely. 

That’s where YourTakeaways comes in. 

YourTakeaways is a platform dedicated to bridge the gap between creators and audience, be it, listeners or readers. Here you can receive free giveaways from your speakers, authors, podcast presenters, and webinar hosts. All that in exchange for a few nibs of feedback. 

Let’s delve a little deeper into how it works. 


On YourTakeaways, the creator is a collective term used for all the speakers, authors, podcast presenters, and webinar hosts.  

Once a creator logs into YourTakeaways and chooses the subscription plans, they are then whisked away to the dashboard. 

From here a creator’s interaction with the audience is going to be a piece of cake. 

From the dashboard, a creator can now create a page for a talk, book, podcast, or a webinar. 

The first time over, while creating a page, the creator has to share all their social media handles, a profile picture, and even a small bio, just so that their audiences can know them a little better. 

Once the creator’s profile has been created, they are then asked to fill in generic details. 

Let’s say an author wants to have a YourTakeaways page for their book. On the first page, they will be asked to fill in details such as the title of the book, co-authors if any, the genre, and a description.

In the case of webinars and podcasts, creators can upload their podcasts and webinar on to the platform for their audience. 

Once these details are filled in, the author must then choose questions they want their audience to answer. They can choose from an already existing list and the author can choose to receive feedback from the audience outside of these questions as well. 

The next step is what’s interesting. Here the author can upload materials like documents, videos, or even audio files. This is what the audience will be able to download once they have answered all the questions the author asked in the previous section. 

The author can then choose to publish the page or keep it as a draft. Once they make the page public, the author will gain access to a URL and a unique 6 digit code, which can then be shared with their audience. 

The user journey on YourTakeaways is smooth and intuitive. It takes only a minute or so to publish a page for a book, a talk, a podcast, or even a webinar. 


The audience stands to gain much more from the platform. They can now download material from their favorite creators without the hassle of sending emails that are lost in already brimming inboxes. 

The audience can easily sign in to the platform using their Google or Facebook accounts. Once logged in, they are presented with an array of talks, books, podcasts, and webinars. 

Although in order to access any of the material, they must have the access code with them. In case they do not have the access code, they can always request the code from the creator. 

Once they have entered the access code, they can download the material available. Although they will have to answer a few questions and provide the creator with feedback to do so. Once all the questions are answered and the feedback filled in, a personalized email is sent to the audience member with all the downloadables, so they can access it anytime, anywhere. 

The entire user experience on YourTakeaways is intuitive and effortless to navigate through, be it for the creators or the audience. 

This way speakers need no longer be swamped by their audience once the talk is over. They can just share the URL and the unique access code and receive feedback instantly. Authors can engage their audience with any further material related to their books. Postcast presenters and webinar hosts can publish a page on YourTakeaways to request feedback, and avoid the hassle of having to exchange emails or having the audience wait for their turn to talk during a live webinar.  

YourTakeaways is a platform that serves the purpose of taking the creator-audience engagement journey further than what was before. 

Log into YourTakeaways and find out what your favorite creators have published.